Sunday, May 27, 2012

Captain/Tru Puppies 7 Weeks

So we went to see the puppies yesterday. They are so much better older than 4 days old. They all have great heads and bone. Denise and I have named them all as you will see below. Out of the 6 still around 4 boys and 2 girls. There are 3 that have markings to show but they all will be great. Out of the 3 boys both blues move well and the black guy has OK movement. I know still early. I am not taking one but I may be able to keep one for a while to help with showing. Denise would love to keep Star, black girl with the spot, Myself would be SP(Silver Patron), blue boy with the grey spot on his head. Besides the pictures here you can side small videos of them on my You Tube page. Just go to you tube and search Spons7. Also on my facebook page are all the pics that were taken under the album Captain/Tru Puppies. So enjoy.

                    AVENGER (Boy)

                                                                     MORGAN (Boy)


SNOW (Girl)

STAR (Girl)  Denise's Fav



                                                                 Hi Auntie Myka

                                                                  Star wants in

                                                                Star and SP wants us


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