Sunday, May 27, 2012

Captain/Tru Puppies 7 Weeks

So we went to see the puppies yesterday. They are so much better older than 4 days old. They all have great heads and bone. Denise and I have named them all as you will see below. Out of the 6 still around 4 boys and 2 girls. There are 3 that have markings to show but they all will be great. Out of the 3 boys both blues move well and the black guy has OK movement. I know still early. I am not taking one but I may be able to keep one for a while to help with showing. Denise would love to keep Star, black girl with the spot, Myself would be SP(Silver Patron), blue boy with the grey spot on his head. Besides the pictures here you can side small videos of them on my You Tube page. Just go to you tube and search Spons7. Also on my facebook page are all the pics that were taken under the album Captain/Tru Puppies. So enjoy.

                    AVENGER (Boy)

                                                                     MORGAN (Boy)


SNOW (Girl)

STAR (Girl)  Denise's Fav



                                                                 Hi Auntie Myka

                                                                  Star wants in

                                                                Star and SP wants us

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captain's a Daddy, a little bit late on this One

So on April 4th Captain's first litter hit the world. (He did have one other breeding but ended in only one puppy and didn't make it through the birthing process). He had a total of 7 Puppies. 2 girls, one black and white and white (Denise named Star) and one blue (mismarked). 5 boys, two black and white, 3 blues.The smallest puppy Black boy #2 didn't make it past day 5 or 6. Update I got last weekend are that things are going great and I hope to get backup to see them again soon and of course more puppies.Captain was breed with CH Aldershon Truant. This litter did produce half mismarks. It is being speculated that with both parents having Carbon as a grandparent that this might be the case to cause mismarks. I do not know this to be a fact and as this is my first time breeding would love to know what causes mismarks or is it the luck of the draw. All of Captains health clearances have come back great and negative for everyting so hopefully with a different bitch it could be a whole different story. The Puppies are with Sharon Curry in Sebastopol so not too far away. I took a stud fee only but have offered to help in any way up to and including to show or take if need be. So enjoy the pics and I hope to have more news soon.

Puppy Pile minus Black Boy #2

Black Boy #1

Black Boy #2, unfortunately he didn't make it

Black Girl Star
Black Girl Star

Blue Boy #1 (Should be non Mismarked)

Blue Boy #1

Blue Boy #2

Blue Boy #3 (Hoping his color comes in more on left eye side)

Blue Boy #3 has Grey Spot

Blue Boy #3  Grey Spot

Blue Girl

Spots both Star and Grey

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

SoCal Specialty Udate

Took a while more laziness then anything. Here are Captain's win photos from the SoCal Specialty in San Bernadino. He had a great weekend going AOM,SD,SD,BOS. We had a great time meeting new people and finally spending quality time with others.
On other notes Captain is gearing up for the Spring circuit which starts off with a 4 day show here in Vallejo in 2 weeks. We were going to try to go to the Supported Show for the NWCF but we now have other needs in other places. Can't wait to get back up in the Northwest.
Captain and Malibu both went to the vets today for yearly check up and shots. Plus Captain got hid lab work for stud services. Crossing fingers. Captain weighed in at 38 pounds and Malibu after her last visit in July at 33 pounds is now down to 28 Pounds. Way to go Malibu.
We hope to have good news soon and will update more as things happen. Hopefully a little bit quicker.

Biggest news so far this year was watching Captain's Uncle Pilot on the teli as he won BOB in went into the group ring for the Westminster Kennel Club in New York. We could here is entourage from here.

Captain takes Award of Merit during the morning CWCCSC under Breeder Judge Deborah Anthony
Did someone say Smile or Cheese?

Captain takes Select Dog in the afternoon CWCCSC under Breeder Judge David Anthony
More professional

Captain takes Select dog on Saturday Orange Empire under Judge Carl Gomes
Wait I like to Smile

Captain finishes the weekend Sunday with Best Opposite Sex under Judge Betty Jo Patrick
Yes I must Smile

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Captain DNA Update, SoCal Special

So I got results today for Captain's DNA. As you can see below he is Clear for Fluff and is Color EE so he does not carry pink. Whoo Hoo. His DNA had also been sent off to AKC but have not heard from them yet and that went off before the others. The picture below is of Captain taking the Select and AOM at the Northern Ca Herding Group Association at the end of Oct. He also got the AOM the following day.

We are off tomorrow for Southern Ca for the CWCCSC Special. Look like some good competition and as with WA I am hoping to make a cut and maybe even go Select or AOM. Will post when done and also FB.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Captain and all the Tree Litter

Happy Birthday to Captain and all of the Tree Litter. 3 years ago a brave momma named Hanna with the help of Megan and Josh brought a beautiful litter of puppies and for some of us like myself we were lucky enough to get get. so here is Captain's story and drama:

I began looking for our second Cardi after our first one Malibu was close to 2 years old. She was born on 11-26-06. Denise and I had always wanted a second set of children 2 years apart so as it got close to Malibu's birthday I started searching. I am a fanatic as it goes to looking things up on the Internet and researching. I went through the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America Breeder's list and tried to stay close to home and found C-Myste in Southern Oregon. Once on the site I was delighted that they had just had a litter now 3 years ago today. I was looking for a Blue Boy and this would become my first Show (Conformation) Dog. I grew up in a Newfoundland Show home but never showed or did junior handling. I started the process through Carolyn and was fortunate enough to get by Blue Boy Captain I have today. Now GCH C-Myste Whomping Willow. The litter theme was Trees in Literature and my son Andrew came up with Whomping Willow from the Harry Potter books. And as everyone knows he was the biggest in the litter and the name fit. He was always to have the call name Captain. The Rums have it ie, Malibu and Captain. The drama you may ask is the fact that we had our hearts set on Duncan as our blue boy but as it was to be a show boy it was up to the ladies, Carolyn, Mandy, and Megan. Just before we went up to pick up our new addition at Carolyn's did we find out our boy would be Colbert now Captain. We are so pleased with Captain and how he has done that it goes to show the TRUE BREEDER knows what they are doing. SO a very BIG THANK YOU to Carolyn, Mandy, and especially Meagan who helped wonderful Momma Hanna give birth to our special Blue Boy. Plus a big thanks to Wally for being a good Dad too. Enjoy some pics

Cappy's First Christmas, the only one who did not quite fit into the wagon

Cappy this year at the NWCF Specialty a few weeks shy of 3

Cappy and his littermates, He is the BIG BOY

Cappy and his Dad Wally at the 2010 at the NWCF Specialty

Captain's Birthday Presents

Cappy with brother Fig and cousin Watson plus Malibu and Duncun having dinner at the Rutheford Grill, they are always a hit there.